The Personality of Joy Journal

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    The PERSONALITY OF JOY is an emotion that empowers your decision making skills and grants clarity, courage and confidence. It is a prerequisite of trust and it is trust that draws us closer to the Lord and maintains our joy.

    I have designed a joy journal to help you on your journey toward encountering the personality of joy. I would love to offer this to you as a free personal gift to help you through the times of uncertainty that cause fear, anxiety and stress to manifest the most.

    “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.”
    — Proverbs 3:5

    We as a human race have come to learn in an instant that our circumstance can shift; making many of the things we counted as constant, inconsistent. The things I always knew to be safe, are not so any more. Uncertainty lies before us as we look to our future. Education, business, health care and even the way we experience church are all being experienced differently than we have known them for all humanity, and not just locally, but globally!

    We are called to lean into His understanding as Proverbs speaks about. This scripture takes on a very powerful framework for leaning into the Lord. But how do we replace the understanding we have had, the false pillars of security in our lives?

    I believe through it all there is an invitation to experience our Heavenly Father differently, an invitation to connect to Him at a deeper spirit to spirit level.

    His understanding gives us eyes to see not as the world sees, but with eyes of the unseen, filtered through promise. We face trials, and various challenges temporarily, but His promises are eternal and never failing!

    For me, I have found joy an intricate factor to be able to establish His understanding in my life. With it, I am able to relinquish control. In the partnership of joy, a new world of possibilities awakens in me! I pray and invite you to open up the door to joy in your life!

    The invitation to live by the Spirit and by sight is for you. I want Joy to be my general, the captain of my heart to guide me. I give it the place fear and anxiety would attempt to grab. I make it my mission to ensure Joy is given space and authority to do its job. I surrender my anger, entitlement, and expectation to its authority.

    Joy do your job in my life! (We do all this knowing Joy is sourced and through Jesus our Lord).